Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 Delays

Postal services outside of Canada are experiencing delivery delays due to limited airline capacity and government restrictions at customs checkpoints and distribution centers as a result of COVID-19. International customers should anticipate extended delivery times and plan accordingly while their respective postal authorities work with partner airlines and other postal operators to move items as quickly as possible.

For further information on shipping delays in your country, we strongly encourage you to contact your respective country's postal service or visit their website for the most current updates to their COVID-19 protocols.

Your continued patience is sincerely appreciated while the postal service works to clear the backlog and assures that your package arrives at your doorstep!

How long does production take?

At Secret Wood, we handcraft every piece individually. Our pieces are not mass-produced meaning the creative process starts the moment the order is placed. It can take up to 2-3 weeks to create an order prior to shipping. The first initial batches of newly offered designs (currently our Moon Beam ring, Hypnos ring, Steel Fusion Slims and Glitch pendants) can take between 4-6 weeks to fulfill. Please note that purchasing express shipping will not expedite the production time for our products, only the time that it takes to deliver them.

Can I make a custom design?

While we cannot change the overall design of the piece (such as making the green auroras in Aurora Borealis purple or adding a dolphin to Coral Reef), we are able to modify existing elements (such as having more fuchsia than blue in Eternal Supernova or less wind in Waltz of the Winds!). 

Please let us know about your preferences in the "notes" section when you make your purchase.

How durable are your rings?

Our rings are durable, however, not unbreakable. We would advise against wearing them under any conditions that would cause them to stress or fracture, such as manual labor. In addition, we would not recommend any prolonged or deliberate exposure to moisture, liquids, or corrosive materials as this may damage the integrity of the ring.

How long will my ring or pendant last?

All our pieces are made of high-quality materials. Like any other jewellery, they require a certain amount of care to extend their lifespan. Taking good care of your ring or pendant will help it to last for a long time. 

Do you ship to my country?

We ship worldwide. Shipping cost is calculated at checkout. Standard shipping takes approximately ten business day while express shipping is 2-3 business days for domestic deliveries (US & Canada). International delivery with standard shipping takes 1-3 business weeks while international express delivery takes 10-14 business days. Please note that certain countries do not have transferable tracking information available for standard shipping and these packages have a high risk of longer shipping times of up to a few months and can be lost in the process of shipping. If you are an international customer, express shipping is strongly recommended. If a package ordered without tracking information is lost, we will be unable to refund the purchase.

How to choose the right ring size?

Please refer to the sizing chart to find your correct ring size.

Why are your prices listed in USD?

Though we are a Canadian company, a majority of our customers are based in the United States. Additionally, Secret Wood is a worldwide company and USD is recognized globally as a standard currency.

When and where can we contact you?

Our office hours are from Monday to Friday 8 AM to 4 PM PST. Staff at Secret Wood also observe all statutory holidays on the Canadian calendar. Typical e-mail response time is 1-2 business days. You can reach us through our contact page or by e-mailing us at

What if my ring does not fit?

If your Nature ring doesn’t fit, we will resize it for free within 30 days of receiving your order - no hassle for you. For GLO resizing, we do charge an additional $10 to cover the cost of shipping. Return shipping labels are not supplied or reimbursed. If you require resizing, exchange, or return services, please contact our staff at for further instructions before returning your order.