Heidi G 2018

My beautiful Secret Wood necklace from my beautiful man. Thank you, Paul

Diane V 2018

I’m lovin’ it...which means I might need to get a shell to match each of my rings 😳

Emily L 2017

So Adam Moellenbeck is amazing and incredible and he just surprised the heck out of me.... he ordered my Christmas present a couple of months ago and it just arrived... he was too excited to wait for me to open it so he gave it to me last night! This is a World Turtle pendant from Secret Wood!!! It came with the silver turtle necklace and 3 interchangeable 'shells' for the turtle's back, which clip in place with high-powered magnets. The shells are made of wood and resin. The green shell has gold leaf inside, the water shell glows in the dark, and the pink shell has REAL flowers inside! These are magic and I will cherish them forever. 10,000 more photos coming soon! I got spoiled this year! ❤❤❤

Alex M 2017

These were a hit. So much so that we are eagerly waiting for the other 5 we've ordered :D Their awesomeness more than makes up for the small hiccup with shipping and they are definitely worth the customs fees. Thank you!

asenacenik 2018

My very own Aurora

valu 2018

jellow 🌼

kinjmist 2018

if you happen to pass when the moon is bright And the veils are thin you will find me here 💜 A spiraling galaxy, an Eternal Supernova ring from @secret.wood!!🌌 Love every bit of it! True magic that glows in the dark 👽 My own little magical world! 🌙

jenn_nnii 2018

One day, I will be there in person🌌 #ujtravel👫 #anniversary #gift #fromhim #spoiled #aurora #northernlights #miniworld #ring #secretwood #tiffanyandco #6thanniversary #thankyou @uniqueforhan

sarapanda39 2018

注文してた指輪💍 最近で一番高い買い物 デザインも思ってた通り ↑タグ付けてるのでインスタ是非チェックして! #シークレットウッド#カナダ#木材#レジン木#森#アクセサリー#指輪#시크릿우드#반지#비싸는쇼핑#숲#나무#일상

fahdaengdej 2018

Tiny worlds 💕 Great craftsmanship + customer service from @secret.wood 🙂 they look amazing in natural light. . .

fahdaengdej 2018

Tiny worlds 💕 Great craftsmanship + customer service from @secret.wood 🙂 they look amazing in natural light. . .

danocracy 2018

Just put up a new video unboxing a bunch of random gifts!! This is INSANE and not even filtered 👌👌👌 link in bio #TheDanocracy.

sin.santanico 2018

late birthday pres from my ❤️..'s so mesmerizing!. .'eternal supernova' .

apalm86 2018

cool is this ring? Was a Christmas present but had to be sent back, and recieved just in time for Valentine's Day ❤ Thank you my behbeh @artiefalgione

deathcabforchloe 2018

_deathcabforchloe_Thank you @noobthebrave I love my new @secret.wood

lenakharuk 2017

One of two the most magical rings I have ever owned! So special and unique ❤ #mysecretwood #bdgiftwithlove

Gulnaz Z 2017

The Waltz of the Wind, ring crafted by Secret Wood. This is the most amazing ring I have ever seen... Now I can wear my own wind and feel the mountains. And the box that it came in, smells just like forest. Love it twice more because it's such a special gift. ❣

Krystal L 2017

Thank you =)

Marilyn S 2017

Thank you so much for creating this beautiful ring of the Azure Falls for me. I am absolutely in love. Pictures just don't capture this rings true brilliance xxx

Tamara P 2017

My beautiful Ocean Oasis new ring....❤️💫

Ashlee B 2018

My new ring! And here 3 weeks earlier than expected! Love you, Secret Wood!

Diane V 2018

Inadvertently discovered that my turtle pendant glows in the dark 😍🤓

Rebecca J 2017

love the shells I got fory birthday! I was a little disappointed that it took two months instead of the 3-4 weeks it said, but I am completely in love with the pieces!!

Diane V 2018

Secret Wood World Turtle necklace and shell set from William for Christmas. They are beyond beautiful. And the rainforest/waterfall and coral reef shells will always be a perfect reflection of our life in far north Queensland. ❤🐢

‎Trish S 2018

Got my ring yesterday 🔥 🔥 — in Vancouver, British Columbia.

David J 2017

Ring got here today and my wife loves it. More pictures in comments :)

foxfell Aug

I just got the most amazing and magical rings from @secret.wood seriously just look at them, there's literally a small universe in there

martesjo Aug

Early birthday present from @kittoper87 Beautiful ring from @secret.wood #etherealblossom #secretwood #norway #samsung

Tanley F July

My Azure Falls on the St Ives shores. Love it

Darren M July

My Secret Wood ring, back in it's home country when I took it with me on my travels around Banff National Park last month. I'm now happily home in Scotland but fell in love with your beautiful mountains, Canada. Here's a photo of my 'Waltz of the Winds' at Moraine Lake <3 at="" moraine="" lake="" p="">

Katherine M July

Ocean oasis....

Ioana A July

Thank you #secretwood for this wonderful and magical ring received from my dear husband on my 30th birthday while in Malta! I adore it and I can't wait to put it on each morning!

ghannagh July

Still very smokey, but good progress on extinguishing the fires.
Although the fire in this ring from @secret.wood will keep on burning ;) thanks to my amazing brother for this lovely gift

Renée N June


Courtney D June

My husband got me one for Mother's Day and it just arrived. It's beautiful and I love it! I absolutely LOVE the box it came in too

Lisa R June

A small masterpiece for my birthday! Thank you so much! Love it

Rebekka M May

My ring is absolutely amazing!

Ruslana S May

I just received my Ethereal Blossom ring today and I absolutely adore it! Customer service was fantastic from beginning to end and the ring looks exactly like the photo received. Great experience overall and I would highly recommend Secret Wood to anyone! Can’t wait to show off this beauty

Kristin D May

My Secret Wood ring makes for such a lovely engagement ring!

Lorraine W April

I'm sure you hear this every day - I just got my ring, and I love it! :D Absolutely wonderful!

Victoria H April

I'm speechless. It's so beautiful ♡

polina_pogulyay_vadeika March

Thank you @secret.wood for the best magic gift for my husband! #secretwood

heather12ooney March

One of the most unique rings I've seen. A waterfall flowing through a secret paradise within a ring #AzureFalls Thank you @secret.wood!

Erin M March

My wonderful husband got me one of these, and it finally arrived....I love it!!

Yuka M Feb

I bought "waterfall". Love it very much.

Kristan L Feb

Just received my two universes from Secret Wood all the way from Canada! Thank you so much!

John V Feb

I just received the hand made Aurora Ring today ! THANK YOU SO MUCH !! The ring is really AWESOME ! My compliments to the artists and technicians who worked on it. I REALLY LIKE it. And it is meant for a special occasion and person,... imagine me giving this to my dream girl as an engagement ring while we are looking to the real Northern Lights ...

Kerstin L Feb

I got my Secret Wood Ring yesterday from my boyfriend, as a gift to our 2nd anniversary and I LOVE it so much!!! I Will never take it off!!!

Andrea R Feb

Absolutely in love with my new Secret Wood ring!!!! It looks like a tiny galaxy and is out of this world!!! I'm over the moon!!!

Yvonne M Feb

My enchanted forest is perfect! Thanks for the amazing ring! You do excellent work

bqboo Jan

A late Christmas present from @rdc330 arrived today. It's an Aurora Borealis ring by Secret Wood. It's a miniature world inside a ring! #inlove #rings #secretwood #auroraborealis #gorgeous #treasure

glitterohwow Jan

One way to carry the ocean with me. ? #belatedbdaygifts #hesgotgoodtaste #secretwood #uniquerings #oceanoasis

melmack13 Jan

Crazy beautiful Ocean Oasis ring from #secretwood @deanmanny got me for Christmas! The boy did good!!

imbriumbird Jan

Anche se è arrivato in ritardo, questo è un regalo di natale! ?...non smetto mai di guardare questo anello realizzato da @secret.wood...con la luce del sole è spettacolare!!! ?#anello #legno #resina #ring #wood #resin #woodring #secretwood #secretwoodring #ocean #oceano

kobunata Jan

#secretwood #waterfall #wooden #ring #beautiful #blue #green #nature

Shari-Leone F Aug 25

Quick thank you to someone special ? Rick Hignett

Sally S Dec

Thought i'd share my ring, highly recommend secret wood! Thank you boyfriend :)

Hilary P Dec

I got mine today! It is sooooooo pretty!

Alex L Dec

I am in love with my new custom ring, these pictures just don't do it justice!!! I can't wait to get more!

Stephanie S Dec

Love the ring I received for Christmas from my boyfriend! The packaging was an unexpected bonus!

Velvet L Dec

just received mine and loving it! showing the other side of the ring in the case and on my finger. #enchantedforest #secretwood

Kimberly T Nov

Sorry for the dark photos, but my Waltz of the Wind came today and it's so comfortable and awesome. Like I little world in there. Pictures just cannot do it justice. Will definitely be buying more rings from you guys!

Aaron T Nov

Just received this ring. This is taken under natural light. Very beautiful. However, it is exceptionally gorgeous when strong light hits on it that reveals all the tiny sparkles (bubbles). This ring holds a very personal meaning for me in the caption, ' Even in the heart of darkness, gold can still grow'. It reminds me that it is up to myself to see the gold, the spark, the light, that continues to unravel (truth) in the darkness (illusion) my ego has has owned. A convergence of both world is magic. ✨ A unique and well crafted ring that comes in a beautiful lavender scented treasure box. It arrived much quicker than I had expected. Thank you once again for creating such wonder!

Urša K Oct

Received my Secret Wood ring today (side note: Kristina and I both won one in September) and it's just as stunning as it looks in photos. For those of you who are not yet familiar with this Canadian company: they sell beautiful handmade wooden rings with magical landscapes hidden inside them. Each one produced is one of a kind. I chose Waterfall because I'm a winter baby and it looks like a tiny glacier covered in snow. Isn't it gorgeous? And it glows in the dark! (I'm like a little kid who just got a candy.)
You can see more rings at 
Enclosing a picture for those wondering how big they look on tiny hands. Thanks again, Secret Wood!

Marcus R Oct

Just gave this beauty to my gorgeous wife! She loves it!

Mary A Oct

It finally arrived! ✨ "Midnight Purple Forest" by Secret Wood Ring Collection

Shell L Oct

Absolutely stunning. They arrived today in love ?Beautiful craftsmanship.

Gréta Ü Oct

Thank you for this wonderful treasure. I am feel like a princess since it arrived... The ring has a powerful force.....I love it! The ring is so unique in Hungary ❤ ❤ ❤

Beatrice R Oct

I love this ring from my hubby for my birthday simply amazing thank you secret wood

Jessica W Oct

husband surprised me with one of your rings. I absolutely love it.

Mattia F Sept

love can't be bought. but you can buy a secret wood ring, that is more or less the same thing.

Julie A Sept

Arrived today....amazingly beautiful!

Amy M Sept

Love my beautiful ring hubby got me for my birthday! These rings are so beautiful! ?Enchanted Forest ?? Thank you! Can't wait to get more.

Lindsay M Sept

Oh my god, my ring arrived today and it's so beautiful!! Thank you so much!! You guys are amazingly talented. I hope people stop buying from Ali Baba and buy the real deal.

Melina M Sept

Thank you for this breathtaking, beautiful ring.

Siobhan F Sept

Love my ring AND the cute little box it came in. Real moss!?!?!? And it smells so good! You guys are amazing. You sure did put a smile on my face today. Thank you so much! You are doing something right!

Roseanna C Sept

Very enamored with my Waterfall ring. Beautifully crafted, and very ethereal. A nice gift to myself! It's so fun to look at when it's in the sun and when you're in a dark room. It looks like it's pulsing with magic!

Elodie P Aug

And a happy customer

Candice N Aug

Beautifully crafted.

Leah K Aug

Too much beauty not to post a picture. Thank you thank you thank you Ty Zarbo & Secret Wood for providing me with so much bling on my finger, it's blinding ✨

Allen T Aug

I ordered one of the Millettia Laurentii Forest with Gold designs for my wife. The price was very reasonable, especially considering that these are custom-made, unique works of art. Turnaround time (production and delivery) were faster than expected. The people at Secret Wood are very friendly and are very responsive to emails. You really do get a preview picture before shipment, and when the ring arrives (in a beautiful treasure box ring case), it's even better looking in person. I'm very impressed with these people and their work, and I highly recommend Secret Wood to everybody.

Morgan B Aug

I love my ring, it fits perfectly and it's like a sweet reminder of spring and all of the lovely things that come along with it on my hand all year round.

Kylie O Aug

I LOVE my new ring !?? thanks for making it so perfect??

Emily K Aug

In love with my new ring! Thanks again Secret Wood!

Mary D Aug

This is the gift for my birthday...Wonderful! Thank you my love...

Anna H Aug

My ring arrived today, just stunning. Will preview it tonight at dinner.

Regan M Aug

Today I received my beautiful ring! From start to finish you guys were amazing to work with, kudos for your awesome customer service. You were always quick to respond to my emails, friendly when I had questions/concerns, and the ring was done much faster than I expected. Thanks for all your hard work, I love it! Now I just need to decide which one to get next...

Sara D May 25

Boyfriend got me this stunning forest ring. Can't be more excited, time to show it off

Kat K June 29

Just got mine and LOVE it - thanks and thanks

Christine K June 29

Thank You Secret Wood! The ring is fabulous and I can't wait to show it off. Definitely looking forward to ordering my next one.

Cleopatra R April 20

I just wanted to give you guys a massive shout out for your amazing work!!! My fiancé surprised me with this beautiful piece. I always show him pictures of your work, and have been dying to get one, and now I finally own one of your special pieces. This ring is so unique, and it is so absolutely, wonderfully made. This is pure talent! Keep up the fantastic work!! I can't wait to see what all else you guys will come up with. I will always be a big fan for life

Erin S April 7

I received this absolutely gorgeous, handmade, unique ring today!!!! It is so beautiful when the light hits it and smells wonderful too heart emoticon My awesome husband ordered this for me and I couldn't be happier smile emoticon This is truly a piece of art!

Janette G April 4

Finally received my ring! Absolutely amazing, thank you so much I love it!

Heather N April 4

Got my ring today!!! Fits perfect!!! Beautifully made!! More than happy!! Thank you Secret Wood!!

Ashley M March 21

I got my custom made Secret Wood ring in today that my husband got me for Valentine's Day. I couldn't be more pleased with it! It is absolutely breathtaking!

Courtney E February 16

Details of the insane custom ring from Secret Wood John got me for Valentine's Day

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